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Is there a God?

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13.11.2008 12:50, Qasar from Pakistan E-mail :
I wana clear my concept about the Existence of God

06.09.2008 08:16, Frishta from E-mail Homepage :
I did send this great article to our Kurdish atheist website to be translated in to kurdish..... For now I just hope someone translate it into kurdish...
Dont worry about the copyright...they are good at it..
Tha article... f/kortho24.htm --

--- --- دواڕۆژ ----

02.07.2008 06:46, Subrata Mitra from Earth E-mail :
I am absolutely certain that GOD is here in human form living in Puttaparthy, India. I do not need any argument or proof. I am happy with His presence. There is only one God and He is the creator of the COSMOS.


Hello Subrata Mitra: If you don't have any arguments or facts you will convince nobody! You need arguments and facts if you want to convince anybody.
If you do not have any facts, that is OK with me, but then your belief is a completely private and unfounded belief.
Gert Korthof, webmaster.
Page: < 1, 2
Entries: 23
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